You're never too inexperienced to work with professional models

“I need some more tuition before I work with –--”

“I'd love to work with –--, but I'm not quite at that level yet, maybe next year.”

“---- is too high a standard to work with me.”

“I don't have the confidence to work with –-- because I'm a beginner.”

Sound familiar?

If these are worries that you ever have, grab yourself 5 minutes to read this blog post and find out why working with a professional model is the best thing you can do for your photography....

1) If you're learning the art of photography, you shouldn't have to worry about posing the model as well. Sure, a quick chat about what you're trying to achieve will help direct the model, but a professional will then be able to take the lead and leave you free to concentrate on the photography. If you're interested, they'll have ideas, inspiration and possibly even some advice that will drive your learning curve up exponentially, but likewise, if you want to snap away in silence and find your own way, they'll be happy to keep posing until you say stop.

2) You're two people working towards the same goal: an amazing photograph. Your journey will be a lot quicker with someone who's had years of experience and you'll achieve the results you want with a lot less hassle than if you were to use an amateur model. This will make the whole experience much more enjoyable, and isn't that why most of us do it, because we enjoy it?

3) Models are human too. And as humans, they like to talk and to laugh, to try out new things and (shock!) they'll make mistakes too. So they're not going to be judging every single photo you take. All they care about is whether you're happy with the results, after all, happy clients = repeat bookings.

4) Reliability. We can't tell you how many stories we've heard about photographers booking a part-time model and them not turning up, canceling last minute or being totally unprepared for the shoot. You've then wasted time, money and energy on a shoot that's been ditched due to no fault of your own and it's depressing and frustrating, so don't let yourself get into that situation.

Zara Watson (who's here this weekend incidentally- see our blog here!) has written her own thoughts about amateur photographers booking her and she very much agrees with what we've just said. So straight from the horses mouth, check out what she has to say about amateur's being too scared to work with her, it's a brilliantly truthful read

Point in case: Recently Nick* came to us looking for some studio tutorial. He was a complete beginner, so had two hours coaching with a model, came back by himself to solidify the skills learnt in the tutorial and then booked to have some time with Camy on our model shoot last weekend.

And these are the photos he took...

Impressive, we think, after having only 5 hours in the studio!

Nick came away from the shoot filled with confidence and with a set of photos that he just can't wait to show people, look what he has to say about the whole experience;

“Camy was such a lovely person, very professional at what she does and nothing was too much trouble. She changed her outfits for me a number of times to enable me to get a good selection of different images and styles. She also provided me with some very useful tips when working with a model and a gave a helping hand during the shoot. And the pictures that I managed to capture of her were fabulous, or at least from my non-professional eye. I’m now looking forward with more confidence to the next model day that the Studio will be holding. On the day Mark was on hand if required to give a helping hand and once I got into the shoot it went by in a flash! I wish I had booked a 2Hr slot. I came away with a great selection of photos and the whole experience was amazing.”

So next time you're unsure if you have the right level of experience to work with a model, ignore yourself! Go ahead and book anyway, you won't regret it.

(Need a helping hand getting to grips with studio equipment before booking a model? Get in touch and ask about our tutorials)

*Nick isn't really a Nick, but we've changed his name as he's a top secret spy. He gave us full permission to use his images and his testimonial.